(C) These dishes can be adapted to suit Coeliacs (GF) Non Gluten containing dish, (V) These dishes are suitable for vegetarians, (VG) These dishes are suitable for Vegans. Whilst we take every care to preserve the integrity of our vegetarian and vegan products, we must advise these products are handled in a multi-product kitchen environment. (*) All weights are approximate uncooked weights. Meat & Poultry dishes may contain bone. Fish and shellfish dishes may contain bone and shell. If you suffer from any allergies please make us aware as our menus may not list every individual ingredient. All dishes are prepared in a kitchen where products containing nuts, seeds and other allergens are handled and prepared. This means we may not be able to guarantee our food will not contain traces of a specific allergen. Upon request our staff will be happy to supply further information regarding the ingredients in our foods and cooking methods so you can make your own informed decision as to whether a specific dish is likely to be suitable for you. All prices include VAT at the current rate. Although we try, we cannot guarantee all products are GM free. Menu items may contain traces of alcohol.

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